Sunday, March 1, 2009

Guys on Ice!

It was a night of laughs! We had great seats too! It was funny and some things were so true. It was a musical comedy about ice fishing. Those guys could really sing and the sound system was super. No echos, no wires, couldn't figure out where the microphones were. My favorite song was "Ode to the snowmoible suit." Even Jerry chuckled a few times. We even had our picture taken and it will be in the OEC News letter next month. I think it was a full house last night. Couldn't tell for sure about the back as we were too close to the front! Some of the dialogue was a little UPish shall we say but all in all it was funny. A good night out. Stopped at Spirits later. They had a band. Place was packed. We have a snowmobile club ride today to Suring. Time to go feed calves again............

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