Monday, March 2, 2009

Only 3 calves this time

Yep, that's right. Three calves born in this last 24 hour period. One Sunday morning, one Sunday night, and one this morning. They were all several hours old by the time we found them. One was out of its pen already walking around in front of the other cows. One bull and two heifers this time. I just figured out where to put the other five now I have three more to deal with!

Great snowmobile ride yesterday. You will have to check out Granny's blog to see our pictures. I love to snowmobile but this winter is getting a little long. Does it have to be one of the coldest days of the year on MARCH 2ND!!!!

Another funeral for me tomorrow. My cousin, Melvin, died. He was an old bachelor and only has a few cousins and two aunts left. Jerry has to be pallbearer. At least I only have to go to Bonduel this time. OK, this is two funerals for me, when is the third? I know I shouldn't think like that.

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