Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another calf!

As I was telling you yesterday I was going to move a calf or two to make room for the next one. Well yesterday morning I got done feeding everything and moved one outside. So I thought I better start cleaning out the newborn pen so it's ready. Well on my second fork full I heard the cow in the maternity pen make a noise so I looked and here were feet sticking out. Oh, no, I better hurry to get that little pen clean. Well I got done in time and we have a new little heifer calf and she is a good drinker too! So I still have no room for the next one. Hopefully this week I can move one more out.

Jerry and Jesse are at the church dart ball tournament this afternoon in Hayes. So I have the house to myself. Yea! I just did Jesse's income tax online for him. I'm not telling him I did it and just watch for the look on his face when he sees his refund checks in the mail. Lucky kid!

I am making beef vegetable soup. Seemed like a good soup day. As I look outside I see no snow yet. Maybe it will miss us. As much as I love to snowmobile I have had it with winter on the farm. Think spring.....................

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