Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good morning!

While Jerry is watching the farm show this morning I will quick do a little update from the farm before I go out to the barn and see what surprises are out there today. You never know what you will find and most of the time it's not good. I have to move another calf or two outside again to make room. There are two more cows in the maternity pen again so you never know when another one will arrive. I am up to 18 calves now. Some are still kind of dumb when it comes to drinking from the pail and then when you move them outside you have to show them where the pail is and it all takes extra time. Next week I can wean two of them. Yea! Can't wait for next weekend when we go to Illinois for the weekend to see our friends. We finally get to exchange Christmas gifts! Jerry and Robert will be going to a toy show in Sublet, Illinois. We need a break from the farm that's for sure.

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  1. Good Morning........emjoy your weekend away. We all need that sometimes. After the past 2 days a Bloody Mary from Popple River would be just the ticket. Have fun feeding your calves. I remember from my younger days how much fun that can be. With another snow storm coming that will make it even more interesting.