Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well Monday night when I got to the barn, our big old cow we call Rusty, (yes she is red in color) had twin bull calves! They are kind of cute but I didn't need two cute ones! So far they are still in the big pen they were born. They aren't too smart yet but that usually doesn't last long. I have made room for one in the newborn pen. Guess I will just leave one in the pen he was born in. Thank goodness there are no cows in the maternity pen so I might have a little breathing room. Calf count: 17 on milk and 1 water. I am in the process of weaning two of them. Yea!

Can't wait for Friday when we can leave for Illinois! Jenny is back from college for a week of spring break so she will be helping us out again. Yea! I think I'm the one that needs a break!

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