Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twins different days!

Tuesday night just about the time milking was done one of the cows had a bull calf. Ok, milk the cow take care of the calf and all is good. Wednesday morning when Mark came at 5:30 he found another calf. The cow had another calf and here the poor thing was laying in the gutter but she was alright. So she had twins somewhere between 5-9 hours apart we are guessing. So one was born Tuesday night and the other born Wednesday morning. That's the first time that happened for us.

This is not one of the twins but I've been wanting to post her picture for awhile now just never took the camera to the barn. I call her Yin Yang. She even has one black eyelash and one white one. You can see it on the picture. Calf count 5 milk 3 water.

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