Friday, May 1, 2009

Hurray, hurray the first of May!

Been doing spring cleaning on the calf huts the last 2 days. We moved 28 calves and I cleaned and sanitized 13 huts and mats. Then I moved the huts back and ready to be used again. It was quite a project. And they tell you at the doctor's office that farm work doesn't count for exercise! Man I was sweating when I moved those huts! So glad it's done and most everything is clean again. I haven't cleaned huts since November so they were pretty disgusting. The calves we took out of the huts and put in the barn in a pen aren't very happy at the moment but they only cry when they see me. I stand and talk to them and tell them they are big now and they are OK and not dieing but I don't think they care what I say. They want their warm water!!!! In 3 days they will forget all about it. Today we had to grind feed. More exercise that doesn't count. I had to fork corn out of the crib so it would fall in the grinder/mixer. We did 3 batches at 5000 pounds each. My arms felt like wet noodles when I got done. BUT THAT DOESN'T COUNT!

Calf count 6 on milk and 3 on water. Yes, life is good with only 9 calves to deal with.

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