Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another first place for Jesse!

Another tractor pull weekend in Green Valley. Jesse got another first place! I brought my new little camera with that takes videos. Well I have only had it not even a month and never looked at it before we left and wouldn't you know it the battery was dead when we got there. I hardly used it, I thought. So maybe next tractor pull I will have some video to share.

We are busy making a fence around the cow pasture so the cows can roam around a bit. Hope to be done real soon as I am REALLY GETTING SICK OF IT! Next weekend we get to leave for a bit. YEA!!!!!! Leaving Thursday late afternoon for Iowa for the summer toy show in Dyersville and update the museum pieces. Will be there for 2 days then off to Carpentersville, Illinois for a grad party. Jerry's goddaughter, Becky, is graduating high school.

Better go now and start working on that fence.........

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  1. Hope you had fun making fence! I remember those days well.....I spent this afternoon on the river with Lowell, Brenda and the girls. A little chilly but all in all a good day. Had pizza at the lighthouse and now I'm home. Hope you had a good weekend.