Monday, February 16, 2009

My lucky day!

Hi all,

Well I didn't win a darn thing at the fishing derby and neither did Jerry. I picked out names of other club members more than once for them to win a prize but when they did the drawing did anyone pick my name? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! But today my luck turned. I went to the new Kwik Trip, as this week is their grand opening. They had free 1 gallon of milk, free cappuccino, free 1 lb. of potatoes, free newspaper, etc. When I walked in I saw there was quit a line of people at the first check out. By the time I got to the front to check out the first check out was empty and no cashier so I got in line for the second check out. I thought I better pick up a paper to check out and not just grab it on the way out even if it was free. So I walked over to the newspapers which are against the wall by the first check out. I found 4-$20 bills laying on the floor. Yes, $80! My first thought was, is this a test, where are the cameras? So I stuck it in my pocket. Paid for my merchandise with different money and walked out:) There was no one near this money. Really no one was anywhere close to this register that I could even ask if they dropped it. I know most big stores just keep the money if you hand it in so that's why I didn't. I felt a little bad at first but I got over it in a hurry.

We took my Mom to the Golden Corral for her birthday. The food is always good there and alot to choose from. Oh yes, my Mom won a bottle of tequila with a worm in it from the derby. She said she never drank tequila in her life. She didn't like the worm in it so she gave it to Jerry.

That's all today................

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  1. I tried to pull your name, honest I did! Sorry! Lucky girl finding $80.00. Nice stop at the gas station huh? Not a whole lot to say tonite. Tired and on call til 4 AM! See you Thursday night!