Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5 calves!!!!!

Yes, that's right, 5 calves born in less than 24 hours is a bit much. We haven't had a calf born since Feb. 4 so I knew I was probably in for it. It was like the calm before the storm. Mark that works for us told me last week I was going to have 5 born in one day too! I told him he just better keep his mouth shut from now on! Sunday morning we got to the barn and our little heifer (only 18 mos. old, oops) was having a calf. So we helped her deliver it and she had a little worthless bull. OK all was good. This was about 6:30-7 a.m. Then around 11-11:30 a cow had a nice heifer calf. OK all is still good. We get to the barn that night and a cow had twins! A bull and a heifer, worthless and worthlesser. For you non-farmers a heifer that is a twin with a bull is called a free marten and usually never gets pregnant, there is a 3% chance. Although we have had 2 free martens have calves so there is hope. Anyway back to the story, OK all is now not so good. We are out of room for calves and cows. The next morning I get to the barn and start feeding the calves outside and here is a newborn calf on a snow pile. Yes he was alive and shivering. Must have been less than an hour old. All is worse as we are really out of room now! But with quick thinking I rearranged about 7 calves and almost have room. The twins are still together in one little pen. I have 2 calves drinking from a pail already! They are all fine.

Today we took a quick snowmobile ride to Angelica for lunch and then to Pulaski, Green Valley, Gillett and Pulcifer and home. The plowed field hilltops needed a little snow but it wasn't too bad considering the it is the end of February.

I won a pair of tickets to see "Guys on Ice" Saturday at Oconto Falls high school. I won through Oconto Electric. It's about time we get something from them with the cost of the electric bill. Jerry didn't want to go until I told him the tickets were $30 each and it is a comedy. So we're going! I haven't been to a play in years. I can't even remember the last time.

Jesse was lucky too, he won a $100 on a gun raffle.

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