Saturday, February 21, 2009


This looks so comical in the barn. We need a laugh out there sometimes. This is a heifer in the maternity pen. She just can't wait for her silage.

These last couple of days have just been nuts! It has been run, run, run. Got taxes done then had to rush home (but needed a drink at Spirits of Gillett first, yes it was bad) and do chores. Then Thursday did chores, and then go to Appleton Fleet Farm for the big farm sale then rush home to do chores then down to the Lodge to go over the fishing derby last Saturday. Then Friday, do chores then go pick up our meat at Gillett Meats. Then drop off meat at Jerry's parents then sort through ours and take half to Cecil to store then put the rest in the freezer and it didn't fit! Then go feed calves so we could go out with Jim & Bonnie for fish. Yes, we had milking off Friday night. Went to South Chase the fish was good and we had alot to eat. Had to take some home. Today go do chores then take the extra meat that didn't fit in my freezer to my Mom's then off to Shawano for grocery shopping and a few other errands. Now make supper and then do chores again. Tomorrow is a birthday party for Jerry's cousins girl, Rachel. So I have to wrap a present and make a dish tonight too!

Run, run, run.............

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  1. You figured out the picture thing!! YEAH!! What a cute pic. Sounds like your week has been really busy.............I forgot about the Lodge on Thursday. Sometimes I need a reminder call :>) I would lose my head if it wasn't attached. Hope to ride up north somewhere tomorrow to eat. Take care and keep it up. Love the blog! Claudette