Friday, April 24, 2009

I sold a photo, really!

I just went to the store that has my photos for sale to drop off my lion picture and the lady told me she sold one of my photos this week! No April Fooling either! It was an 8x10 photo of an old boat that was upside down on the shore of Lake Superior in the U.P. If I find it in one of my albums I'll post it but that photo was at least 5 years old. I'm so happy!!!!!

The lady said business is picking up on the weekends now so who knows!

Last night was Sportsman's Club meeting. Nothing too exciting happening with them. Tonight we are going out with Ed & Carol for fish some place, not sure where yet. Tomorrow I have to work at the brat stand in Shawano at the Country Store for the snowmobile club. Hope we don't get rained on.

I haven't given you a calf count lately. One new one born this week. But remember when I had so many born like 5 in one day. Well, when they are all born at once, guess what, they all get weaned at once. So the calf count is 9 on milk and 6 on water. I am in the process of weaning 2 now so in a few days I'll really be on easy street. Ha-ha! I better not say that or I'll have 3 sets of twins born in one day.

Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs. - Ansel Adams

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