Saturday, April 18, 2009

Doing spring things

I knew this would happen. Get to busy and don't have time to blog. With the last couple days of nice weather I just had so much outside work to do. Raking, picking up sticks, pruning, washing a lot of winter jackets, snowmobile suits, blankets and normal laundry and hanging outside to dry, helping Jerry with planting like using my vacuum cleaner (cuz Jesse let one of his friends use our shop vac and it isn't back yet) to clean out the grain drill. So then I have the vacuum outside I might as well vacuum out the car too. Then went to the church cemetery today and picked up all the flowers, wreaths, etc. left there from all year. I had a 1/2 a pick-up truck full of crap. I need to get back out there again and do some more, just a little raking left.

Wedding tonight so at least I don't have to cook!!!!

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