Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cow cremator

Well, we went to the Farm Show yesterday and this is the last invention for farmers. Yes, a cow cremator. It's only $23,000 plus the gas that takes to run it. What next? It must weigh a ton or more as the inside was concrete except for the door was some kind of fiberglass that didn't burn. Jerry said it would be cheaper than getting a divorce, and no one would ever find me after he spread my ashes out in the field with a manure spreader. I told him it works both ways. Just kidding!!!!! It was an interesting day. We got a free t-shirt, sweatshirt, 2 coffee mugs, lots of cheese samples, string cheese, coffee, candy, pens, etc. The bag was full and getting rather heavy. We had to take turns carrying it.

I am surprised I had no comments after yesterday's post. You guys are slipping!!!!!!

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