Friday, January 18, 2013

Well I missed day #3.  I was busy!  I helped at the church rummage sale.  Oh my gosh!  Busy was not the word for it!  I was the bagger or as I called myself the bag lady.  I bagged stuff as fast as I could go for 2 hrs. straight.  Man did the stuff go out of that church.  WOW!   Today well I went to the barn and had to move calves around to make room for the 4 new ones this week and there were some rather big ones in huts that just had to go.  This afternoon I went and got the prizes ready with Claudette, Sue, Pam and Mel for the poker run tomorrow for the snowmobile club.  I do say we have some nice things and some things are just OK but maybe someone else would like them besides me.  I don't think I have anything else to say today.  Don't know if I will have time to blog tomorrow.  So that's all folks...............

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