Monday, January 28, 2013

Once a week?

I will try to make an effort to blog once a week.  So last week I didn't blog at all so I am off to a bad start.  Oh well!  Yesterday cleaned out Mom's little pantry so we can get her new stacked washer and dryer in there.  At 95 she doesn't do basement steps to good anymore and her washer and dryer are down there!  They are too big to fit in the new spot so she will get a new set.  I guess I have to try and sell the old ones.  I better find out what kind of washer and dryer she even has.  I never even looked at them yesterday and walked past them several times.  We through stuff out and burnt stuff up (yea for burn barrels) and I took a few things home.  I did find some bookkeeping papers that was her homework in high school.  It must be from 1930 or 31?  Those papers were so nice yet!  They weren't stained or wrinkled or damaged in any way.  Interesting and I never saw them before.  Jerry is off to St. Louis this weekend for a farm toy show with 3 other guys.  He will only be gone 2 days, well really less than 48 hrs. Yes, it is a very fast trip.  That's all for this week. 

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