Monday, August 3, 2009

A special thank you

It was a non-stop weekend for me. Went with Mary to the big craft show in Lakewood. I had never been there before. WOW!!! I've never seen so many people in little Lakewood. Did buy a few things. Then on the way home we stopped at The Schoolhouse for a Bloody Mary. Yummy! They had a corn roast that day and the corn was free! So of course we had some. Got home and I was going to go to Green Valley for the picnic, as Jesse was in the tractor pull. So I called him just before I was going to leave. He said I just pulled and I got first place! He said there were not many tractors there. So off to Scott's 50th birthday pig roast. Again yummy! Can you tell I don't go to the barn much in the summer:) Although I did go Saturday morning before the craft show.

So Sunday I had to get to church early to help set up communion and sell the last benefit tickets I had and pick up the bars for the benefit. The off to the benefit as Jerry and the rest stayed home to bale hay. Have to do that when the sun shines you know. So I was kitchen help this time. I've never seen so many good bars and salads. Again yummy! Well, I did get to walk around a very little at the benefit. I stopped to read the thank you board. As I skimmed through it twice I didn't find my name. Well, I did give the prize and baskets a while ago already, I was a little disappointed but then thought oh well, I know what I did and how many people read all those names anyway. So I was making my way back to the kitchen and trying to look at the bucket raffles. Someone took ahold of my shoulder. I turned around and here was Lowell with tears in his eyes, thanking me for everything I did for the him and the benefit. Then I felt I hadn't done enough. I didn't need to receive such a heartfelt thank you from him. It almost brought tears to my eyes too! I had to change the subject quick and tell him how good he looked for what he went though. It looked like the benefit was a huge success!!!!! I had to go home and milk as the hay baling wasn't stopping for the cows. Sue told me she could really tell after I left the kitchen. I guess that means I was a good worker? I milked about half of the cows by myself and finally help came. That's all...........
Yea, I know I've been slacking on this thing lately. It's called LIFE!

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  1. So sorry that your name was forgotten. I am sure that there were more that didn't get up there either. What a day! Thanks for all your help. We couldn't have done it without you and Sue. Wish she would have had someone find me so we could have gotten more help in there for here. Can't be everywhere I guess! Have a great week!