Friday, June 19, 2009

Jesse is 21!

Jesse is finally legal! I don't know if that's good or bad. Where has the time gone? 21 years ago today was Father's Day. When I went to bed the night before I had a lower backache and felt a few small labor pains. When I woke up I felt a few more. Jerry went to the barn but I didn't say anything yet. We had planned to go to breakfast on the farm in Oconto County. It was in Cream City that year which is about 25 miles from our place. So when he got home I told I don't know if we should go but he wanted to go so we did. I had a pain here and there, nothing major. Stood in line to get food. As soon as I sat down to eat I knew this was for real. I said we better go. Jerry said, well I have to eat! I took a few bites and said we better go. I said I'm going to the car. So Jerry finished my plate too and ran through the barn and machinery and we left. I remember it was really warm and windy that day. So we laid around at home for awhile until the pains were 5 minutes apart. When Jerry called the doctor he told her it was soooo windy here the apple fell of the tree. So got to the hospital just before 3 p.m. I remember I had one nurse for about 5 minutes and then there was a shift change. Things were going fine. There were 2 other women having babies that day too but of course they got done way before me. About 8:30 p.m. I had stopped dilating for an hour. So the next thing I know I'm having a C-section! Surprise! I remember them calling in the anesthesiologist and he came in just dirty, he must have been working in his garden or something. Even the nurses said, "How come you came in so dirty?" He said, "they told me to come right away!" I was put out by 9:30 p.m. That was the longest hour of my life. Labor every minute laying flat on your back somewhat strapped down! He was born at 9:40 p.m. He was sunny-side up and cord wrapped around his neck twice. No wonder he wouldn't come out. I never saw Jesse until the next morning, I was too out of it. Anyway, 21 years later, here we are. Happy 21st birthday Jesse!

This morning Jerry and I wondered if that farm that had the breakfast was still operational. Neither one of us thought we could find it anymore. We were there a rather short time.

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